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+ Bold move within their industry, drug stores are tired and old and haven't changed in years, applaud this enormous effort to modernize. Design is stunning, customizing to the locale important but rarely done, strategic brand repositioning. Customer always in mind: smart to link to Walgreens pharmacy system, fresh fresh made smoothies, fresh sushi with chef. Overall win.
+ Strong reinvention of the corner drug store uniquely connected to its location.
+ This concept created a buzz in the industry and put competitors on their guard. It was comprehensive as a retail experience but well currated - all the disperate parts made sense.

The Hub Prize Winner
Recognized for Unparalleled Retail Innovation
The Hub Magazine
In the old days–like say, a few weeks ago–you went to a drugstore for drugs and maybe some dental floss. There is plenty of that sort of thing at the spanking-new Walgreens-owned Duane Reade on Wall Street, but there are also upscale groceries, a sushi chef, a juice-and-smoothie bar, Starbucks coffee, and, to server your less than catastrophic medical needs, a doctor affiliated with Beth Israel Hospital.
On And Off The Avenue: Duane Reade, Wall Street
The New Yorker
In grand style, Duane Reade opened here what many industry observers are calling the most spectacular drug store ever. With hundreds of supplier executives, journalists and a handful of celebrities in attendance, Duane Reade had a gala celebration this month for the opening of its largest store to date: a 22,000-square-foot unit at 40 Wall Street, a long-vacant landmark building in the heart of the city’s financial district.
Duane Reade keeps raising bar
Chain Drug Review
This is not your average Duane Reade. The new store at 40 Wall Street has offerings that go way beyond the typical pharmacy. “Women can come in, appointment not necessary, and get a blowout of their hair,” says Duane Reade president Joe Magnacca. But Magnacca says it’s not just the hair salon which sets this store apart. It’s also the sushi bar and juice bar.
Duane Reade Opens New Store At 40 Wall Street And Takes Things Up A Notch
CBS New York
Some 200 supplier executives attended a preopening reception, where they were joined by key Duane Reade and Walgreens staffers and a handful of trade media. Their response, again, was universally positive: This is arguably the most uniquely dramatic drug store yet to open its doors in the United States. First-week sales appeared to justify that response: Volume on those opening days put the new store among the highest-volume units in the Walgreens chain.
New Duane Reade reflects Walgreens' transformation
Chain Drug Review
From the towering crisp white ceilings and the tiled beam bearing the words "Up Market," to the probabaly-hand-engraved beige molding, massive revolving doors large enough to swallow a person, and original Rockefeller fireplace, with "a little bit of TLC," the Duane Reade personal design team mixed modern improvements with the decor of yesteryears. And what a makeover.
City's Largest Duane Reade: 'Tiffany's of Drugstores'
The interior of the Duane Reade is incredibly impressive, too. Those vaulted ceilings and arches are stately backdrops and, wow, the elevators and escalators really are gilded. Nicely done, Duane Reade, nicely done.
Inside the Seriously Mindblowing Wall Street Duane Reade
Other Duane Reade firsts - like a juice bar where employees whip up made-to-order $4.99 smoothies - are in a big food section near the tore's Pine St. entrance. There's also a Coca-Cola machine that dispenses 130 drinks at the touch of a computer screen. Refrigerated cases have New York-centric foods like pastrami from the Carnegie Deli, Zabar sandwiches and glass-bottled Ronnybrook milk.
Rx for success? New Duane Reade super-store on Wall Street boasts sushi chef, manicures and Juice bar
The store brings together many of the innovations that Duane Reade has been working on in recent years under one roof for the first time -- and also brings the best of its parent company, Walgreens, particularly the latter’s pharmacy expertise.
Duane Reade opens big on Wall Street
Chain Store Age
Also, the store will have a "Doctor On Premises" service and Duane Reade's first pharmacy "Powered by Walgreens Pharmacy Network."
Duane Reade's Flagship To Expand Into Upscale Food
MediaPost News
"We are taking the best of Walgreens and the best of Duane Reade and bringing them together, and this store really exemplifies that," Joe Magnacca, president of Duane Reade and president of daily living products and solutions for Walgreens, told Drug Store News. "And it takes a lot of innovation that we have been working on at Duane Reade and gives it a real chance. This becomes an incubator for new ideas and new concepts — and whatever works here we have a chance to apply that to other locations both in Duane Reade and Walgreens."
Duane Reade's new flagship is glimpse of drug store of the future Features WAG pharmacy network, fresh foods, Look Boutique and more
Drug Store News
The new store touts an impressive array of innovative features from in-house hair and skin analyses to an on-site doctor and sushi chef to a soda machine that dispenses all 130 varieties of Coca-Cola beverages.
Wall Street’s New Duane Reade Is All Business
New York Observer
"We believe it's the most exciting drugstore in the world," said Joe Magnacca, president of Duane Reade and Everyday Living Solutions at the Walgreen Company. What's next, jazzing up the local library? (Although we wouldn't say no to a massage station...)
Beauty News Roundup: Megan Fox Glows in Giorgio Armani Ads, Most Exciting Drugstore Ever
Duane Reade, which first opened in TriBeCa in 1960, was purchased by Walgreens last February. It is now the largest drug store chain in the city, with more than 250 stores throughout the metro area, according to Tuesday's statement.
Duane Reade to Offer Sushi and Styling at New Wall Street Location
As you may have heard, a giant Duane Reade opened on Wall Street today. It includes the standard items you’d expect at a DR, plus hairstyling services, a nail salon, a smoothie bar, beer growlers, a stock ticker and sushi.
Confidential To Greg Lippmann: Your Sushi Analysis Is Required Downtown ASAP
This store takes Duane Reade to previously unnecessary consumer heights: a search for contact lens solution took us past rows of gourmet chocolates and jars of chicken jalfrezi sauce, past the store's "Look Boutique" with its shelves of antiwrinkle cream and touchscreen digital displays offering makeup consultation. Along with the refrigerated units filled with Chimay and sushi, and the station offering manicures, a hair salon offered blowouts nearby an entire room filled with perfumes.
While We Wallow in Walmart, Duane Reade Dominates
The New York Observer
"Adapting and preserving an old building definitely drives up the cost," said John Yodice, Duane Reade's senior director of construction, who estimates the project's price tag was about a third higher than it otherwise would have been. "But you draw more people to a store like this because it is so aesthetically pleasing."
Retailers, Restaurants Vault Into Old Banks
Real Estate Report
"Ms. Gaynor discloses that Duane Reade is staffed with the 'best Beauty Advisors. They are very passionate about their job; they love what they do and helping the customers. We do extensive training with the new people for a six-week period.'"
Duane Reade at 40 Wall Street
Beauty Fashion
"Duane Reade's colossal new store is one bright spot on Wall Street these days. The 22,000-square-foot, 24-hour flagship store in the Trump Building at 40 Wall Street opened on July 6th and has already proven to be a launch pad of innovation for other Duane Reades."
The Publication for Store Brand Leaders
Private Label
"Looking back on 2011, images come to mind that instantly capture the state of retail around the world, and anticipate the year to come. The images reflect the yin and yang of the world: the global economy as it limped along (at best), and the now unrelenting pervasiveness of digital technology. Together these converged to transform everything at retail in 2011, everywhere from the U.S. to South America, to the Pacific Rim and on."
2012 The Year of 'Moving On'
"Before there is a dazzling store, there has to be a magnificent space. Duane Reade had such a space at 40 Wall Street, and it shows in the chain's bold new outlet there."
The Designers Who Helped Duane Reade Create a Hit
Chain Drug Review
"Duane Reade has refurbished many of its locales to resemble suburban drug stores on steroids, but the new Wall Street location takes the prize for awesomeness. The vast space offers such non-drug store goodies as blowouts, sushi, manicures and a really lovely pharmacy counter with actual nice people working behind it."
Best New Spot to Get a Manicure and Prescription Filled
Metro NY – Best Of…
But the most extraordinary thing about this evidently glamorous Duane Reade is not the celebrity appearances or fun contests, but the beauty-salon services you can get done there every day of the week. These include: blowouts, hair conditioning treatments, manicures, and brow threading. All services are affordable and take walk-ins.
Can You Get Kate Middleton Hair at the New Duane Reade Salon?
New York Magazine
Duane Reade wants to eat department stores' lunch – at least when it comes to beauty. The retailer has unveiled a glittering beauty concept at 40 Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. Inside a vast, vaulted hall with marble arches lies an express hair salon, nail polish bar, virtual make-over station and fragrances galore.
Duane Reade's New Format Steps Up Beauty Battle
Women's Wear Daily
… to cater to the business types who are expected to shop there, the store will feature a hair salon, a nail bar, a pharmacy with a doctor on-hand, a sushi bar, a juice bar, and a stock ticker. At 22,000 square feet, the store is the largest Duane Reade ever built. The new services offered by the Wall Street store represent an attempt by Duane Reade to rethink the traditional model of the pharmacy and to customize each location so that it can best serve local populations.
Fancy New Wall Street Duane Reade Does Hair and Nails
The Village Voice
Next-generation digital signage that uses the latest in holographic imaging and audio-visual technology to create the illusion of a real person is making its U.S. debut atDuane Reade’s new flagship in downtown Manhattan.
'Virtual Assistant' technology makes retail debut at Duane Reade
Today Duane Reade opened a massive new 24-hour, 22,000-square-foot, flagship store at 40 Wall Street in the Financial District. And what exactly does Duane Reade do with 22,000 feet? Offer a surprising array of upscale goods, food and services that you just can't find in the area's 14 other Duane Reade locations.
Palatial New Duane Reade Brings Nail Salon, Sushi Bar To Wall Street
Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is different from any other Duane Reade thanks to its Up Market sushi bar; hot coffee service; a juice bar manned by employees that serves smoothies; a touch-screen beverage machine that dispenses 120 flavors of Coca-Cola products; an outdoor seating area; and, as a nod to its expected weekday stock market customers, a stock ticker.
CSNews Gets Advance Look Inside Duane Reade's New Flagship Store
Convenience Store News
Duane Reade unveiled a "virtual assistant" in one of its Manhattan stores on Wednesday. The greeter -- a digital sign with a holographic image of a red-headed salesperson -- welcomes customers when they walk through the drug-store chain's doors.
When Robots Take Over
FINS Finance
Walgreens’ New York-centric Duane Reade division is throwing a red carpet opening tonight for its flagship store on Wall Street. That's right — a VIP bash to celebrate opening a new drugstore in a city that has one (it seems) on every other corner. Duane Reade, which has been remodeling its stores, has been putting on a show to promote its new locations, including Broadway-style dancers and tuxedoed street teams. But this opening will top them all.
Duane Reade Opens Premium Drugstore Experience on Wall Street
The traditional drug store space will boast a beauty salon, shoe shine area, sushi station, juice market, Starbucks coffee and bakery kiosk, freestanding Coca-Cola machine and expanded natural and organic section with fresh fruits, vegetables, wraps, sandwiches and salads. Shoe shine proceeds will benefit the Duane Reade Charitable Foundation, a supporter of various New York-based philanthropic organizations.
Duane Reade Opening 22,000-SF Store at 40 Wall St.
CityBiz Real Estate
[40 Wall Street] features “shopping-enhancing technology sprinkled throughout from the Virtual Assistant who greets shoppers at the door,” notes the news source. Other highlights include a grocery and fresh foods department that includes a sushi and smoothie bar. The store is also targeting the female shopper with an expanded “Look Boutique with several European beauty brands that are newcomers to Duane Reade,” as well as a nail and hair salon.
Duane Reade Unveils New Flagship Store
NACS Online
"The fresh and healthy food offerings will be unparalleled within the drug store industry," said Paul Tiberio, senior vice president of merchandising and chief marketing officer for Duane Reade. "We have positioned 40 Wall Street to best service the 'need-it-now' trips of the area's growing residential and professional populations, offering an 'up market' fresh food proposition and their one-stop shop solution."
Flagship Duane Reade Boosts Food Offering
Supermarket News
Duane Reade, the Walgreen-owned drugstore chain, has unveiled a radically different new outlet on New York’s Wall Street, which it claims will “change everything”.
US: Virtual Assistant, Nail Salon, Sushi Bar – Duane Reade Unveils Radical New Store
Things are different on Wall Street than they are on Main Street. Understanding that, it makes sense that a drugstore serving the financial district in downtown Manhattan would be different than what you find it other places. That's where Duane Reade comes in.
Duane Reade Opens 'Most Exciting Drugstore in the World'
Retail Wire
Duane Reade has elevated its cosmetics offering over the last few years with its store-within-a-store prestige beauty concept "Look Boutique," part of a larger rebranding initiative that has included improvements to its pharmacy and walk-in healthcare services and the launch of new private-label food items.
Duane Reade's Transformation Opens Doors For Emerging Upscale Labels
The Rose Sheet
If there's any institution that embodies the difference between the old New York and the new New York, forget Times Square and Bryant Park. Consider, instead, Duane Reade, the local drugstore chain that once turned buying a bottle of Pepto into an exercise in urban combat.
Yes, It's Still A Drugstore
The Wall Street Journal
Nestled near the New York Stock Exchange, Duane Reade has opened its largest store to date—and there's a big emphasis on beauty inside the historic space.
Duane Reade's Modern Day Piazza
For decades, the Duane Reade drugstore chain offered one of New York's rawest shopping experiences, with the ambiance of a DMV, with really narrow aisles, maybe located in Times Square circa 1973. The layouts were labyrinthine and the merchandise disorganized.
Miracle Makeover
"Duane Reade's uber upscale Wall Street store is just one example of the sector's evolution."
The Future of Drugstores?
Retail Traffic
"New Yorkers are persnickety about everything, even their frozen yogurt -- a substance that, like espresso, is essential for sustaining life in a big city. But with the retro-chic Pinkberry blooming all over town, how likely is a Prada-wearing, iPhone-toting Manhattanite to stop for self-serve frozen yogurt at a drug store? That's exactly what Duane Reade is about to find out."
The Big Chill: New York's Duane Reade Adds In-Store Yogurt Kiosks
"2011 will be remembered as the year when the basic drug store format took several dramatic turns for the better, burying, perhaps forever, the vanilla-flavor format that has served chain-drug retailing so adequately for so long."
A New Era Arrives in Drug Store Design
Chain Drug Review
"The 22,000-square-foot space is graced by 28-foot ceilings, black marble columns, ornate archways and stately windows. "
Retailers, Restaurants Vault Into Old Banks
Crain's New York Business